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Wild Ink: in bookshops now!

Albert Chaliapin is dead – or at least, he feels like he ought to be. He's an ex-cartoonist, pushing sixty but looking eighty.  He lives in a world occupied only by the ghosts of his former life (and his nurse, who can’t even get his name right). Then, one day, his past – in the form of a drunk cartoonist, a suicidal hack and a corrupt City banker – pays a visit, and Chaliapin is resurrected, whether he likes it or not. He doesn’t, much.

Someone’s sending him some very strange cartoons. Someone’s setting off bombs all over London. Someone’s been up to no good with some very important people. This is no job for a man wearing pyjamas. But it looks like Chaliapin doesn’t have much choice.

Wild Ink, the debut novel from Richard Smyth, is a blackly comic story of friendship and envy, love and memory, booze and uproar, secrets and scandal. Will Chaliapin make it out alive? And is being alive, when it comes down to it, really all it’s cracked up to be?

Wild Ink was released by Dead Ink Press on June 7, 2014. You can buy your copy in paperback or for Kindle HERE: http://deadinkbooks.com/product/wild-ink-by-richard-smyth-paperback/